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Precautions Taken By Our Company About Corona Virus

Dear Customer,

As Karakuş International Transportation, we present our preventive measures to our valued customers concerning the global CORONAVIRUS outbreak.

  1. The use of protective masks has been made obligatory for our domestic and international drivers.
  2. At the entrance of our facility, all staff and guests are checked for fever and similar symptoms.
  3. The temperature in our facility has been raised to above 26 degree Celsius.
  4. Commonly used areas (WC, door handles, desks) are being daily cleaned by our cleaning staff at least 5 times with suited cleaning solutions.
  5. The working areas in the facility are being ventilated continuously during the day.
  6. Hand cleaning solution dispensers have been installed at the facility entrance, dining hall, office, and storehouse.
  7. All of our employees were informed about the measures to be taken against CORONOVIRUS by the Company Doctor.
  8. All trucks are being disinfected with special solutions.  
  9. Our drivers have been informed in writing about issues that need special attention.

Precautions Taken By Our Company About Corona Virus