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In 1968, Memet Karakus made his first step to the transportation industry with a single FIAT 643 vehicle. As the founder and general coordinator of our company, Memet Karakus personally performed transportation activities for leading companies in a region from the UK to Belgium, Kuwait and Afghanistan for 25 years. When the second generation of the company completed their education, the company took its part in the industry by obtaining the C-2 Authorization Certificate in 1991. After starting operations with 10 trucks, the company equipped its whole fleet with satellite tracking systems in 1996. All our vehicles are self-owned 2010, 2013 and 2017 model year EURO 4 and EURO 5 European Norm vehicles consisting of 55 pieces of 94-100m³ double layer-sliding curtain and sliding-roof semi-trailers with Mega 13.60 tarpaulin. Offering full and partial cargo services in particular to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia, the company has focussed its operations to this region in order to reach the highest level of quality. Thanks to the network established with strong warehousing and distribution partners located in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, our company is in the leading position in the field of partial cargo operations. All Karakus employees try to determine the needs and expectations of our customers in advance and continuously improve themselves for becoming the leading service provides in the logistics industry. KARAKUS is a member of FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders and UND International Carriers Association.