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FIAT 643 car models in 1968, when Mehmet Karakus stepped into the world of international shipping. Our company's founder and General Coordinator of the United Kingdom, Mehmet Karakus from the full 25 years the country's geographical area extending from Afghanistan to Kuwait from Belgium's leading companies have de facto means of international transport coached.II.jenerasyonun education in 1997, with completion of their international sector has been replaced with the C-2 certificate. Our company started its operations with an attractive fleet of 10 in 1996 with the full tracking system equipped with satellite antenna.All of our vehicles owned in 2003 and 2009 model Euro III, Euro 4 and Euro 5 European Norms total of 55 pieces of 94-100m ³ luxury double-storey semi-floating tilt trailer curtains and sliding roof is composed of 13.60 Mega.Including 18 in the office, maintenance and storage facility with a total of 37 employees responsible for the 19 people Karakuş is the most valuable resource.Especially in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro and Austria complete and partial transport all of its resources to serve the company more successful not only focused on these countries.Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro in the storage and distribution service through a strong network of partners with leading positions in partial shipments.We all anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers Karakuş employees and stakeholders to identify the work, constantly renewing itself and developing the institutional structure in the industry as a model we intend to become a logistics service provider. KARAKUS UND, is a member of FIATA and KALDER.